Basel /Werkraum ppWarteck

14 - 19 November 2014

Program /Friday /14 November 2014

18:00 h Opening performance with Sten Ferel
/la grande terasse

19:00 h Movies about the origins of Butoh from the archive of Kurt Würmli (dance and theater scholars)
/Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

21:00 h Butoh & Sound improvisation
/with: Gyohei Zaitsu (butoh), Guy Bettini (trumpet), Paul Lovens (drums), Natalie Peters (voice)
/Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

22:00 h Butoh & Sound improvisation
/with: Kea Tonetti (butoh) & Tivitavi (bells & voice)
/Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

Program /Saturday /15 November 2014

19:00 h TkKimArt shows two performance films by Valentin Tszin & Flavia Ghisalberti
/Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

20:00 - 21:00 h Butoh & Sound improvisation

/with music by:
Frank Heierli (violoncello) at Schlosserei
George Ricci (horn section) at Druckerei
Hannes Pirsi & Samuel Dühsler (drums) at Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

/with butoh by:
20:00 h Moeno Wakamatsu /Druckerei
20:00 h Flavia Ghisalberti /Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex
20:00 h Valentin Tszin /Schlosserei

20:30 h Moeno Wakamatsu /Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex
20:30 h Flavia Ghisalberti /Schlosserei
20:30 h Valentin Tszin /Druckerei

21:00 h Moeno Wakamatsu /Schlosserei
21:00 h Flavia Ghisalberti /Druckerei
21:00 h Valentin Tszin /Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

22:00 h Sound improvisation
/with: Frank Heierli, Hannes Pirsi & George Ricci
/Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

23:00 h Butoh & Sound improvisation
/with: Valentin Tszin (butoh), Philippe Alioth (sound) & TkKimArt (video)
/Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

Program /Sunday /16 November 2014

20:00 h voice & sound improvisation by Sainkho Namtchylak
/Grand Café SUD

Sainkho Namtchylak from Tuva, a republic in southern Siberia on the border with Mongolia, is a singer, sound and performance artist and poet. Her singing techniques are oriented both on Chöömej, the Tuvan variation of overtone singing, as well as on the extended vocal expressions of contemporary sound performance. She is considered as a wanderer between the worlds and times, between styles and arts - between the traditional music of Siberia, improvised music, free jazz and contemporary classical music. Her vocal technique is unique and supported by a poetic expressiveness.

21:00 h dead end /butoh and sound improvisation
/with: butoh dancers and musicians
/Grand Café SUD

22:00 h ad liberum as crow flies
/TELLURIC song with the public and Alberto Vidal /
/Grand Café SUD

Workshops butoh /Probebühne Cîrqu'enflex

14 November | 11 - 16 h
/Friday with Valentin Tszin

15 November | 11 - 16 h
/Saturday with Gyohei Zaitsu

16 November | 11 - 16 h
/Sunday with Moeno Wakamatsu

Workshop overtone singing !! BOOKED OUT !!

17 / 18 / 19 November | 17 - 21 h
/with Sainkho Namtchylak
/in cooperation with Studio für Musik der Kulturen Musik-Akademie Basel

Zürich is joining the Festival by offering a Workshop !! CANCELLED !!

20 / 21 / 22 November | 4 h/day
/with Sainkho Namtchylak


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Admission price Basel
/one evening: 30chf / 25chf
/three evenings: 80chf / 60chf

Workshops Butoh (5 hours per day)
/one day: 100chf / 90chf
/two days: 180chf / 160chf
/three days: 240chf / 210chf

reduced price for students and workless

Workshop overtone singing /Basel
/three days (4 hours per day): 190chf / 160chf

reduced price for students with student identity card

Workshop overtone singing /Zürich
/three days (4 hours per day): 330chf / 280chf
/please contact:

Reservation and enrolment

Ticket reservation for Basel and enrolments for butoh workshops:

Margrit Ledergerber
/phone: +41 (0)61 261 15 27

Enrolments for the overtone singing workshop:

Flavia Ghisalberti

Payment information for every workshop:

Flavia Ghisalberti
PC 40-158840-5
IBAN: CH10 0900 0000 4015 8840 5

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