Lucie Betz

Performer / Dancer

french born artist who resides in Freiburg. She is coming from a visual art and installation background, which she uses to enhance and inform her Butoh dance and artistic performances. In 2002, after attending art school “Beaux-Arts de Paris“, she met and learned Butoh dance with the dancers Atsushi Takenouchi and Masaki Iwana as well as Gyohei Zaitzu.

Lucie is developing her own dance, researching the space between "Abstraction & Reality,” and how it reflects what is happening in the corporal body. This entails a discipline of searching for unknown movement. She currently teaches classes and workshops in Germany.

Lucie Betz organized the Bi-national & Tri-national BUTOH OFF Festivals (Freiburg / Basel / Strasbourg) in 2010 and 2012. In May 2011 she opened a new place for Butoh dance and became the director of the „Theater Nuage Fou“ in Freiburg. She realised many solo pieces and organized several performance events with artists coming from Europe and many other countries.

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