Maki Watanabe

Performer / Dancer

Born 1976 in Miyagi, Japan. After initially learning modern jazz dance, she stopped dancing until she saw the dance of Kazuo Ohno, then began to dance again. Since 1998, she’ s lived in Paris and has had many solo performances, improvisations and experimentations. She also works with choreographers such as Gyohei ZAITSU, Marie KAZUE, Naomi MUTHO... Her recent creations are; ''A beat of a butterfly'' - 2002, ''Moment to harvest'' - 2003, ''Rolling into the wind'' - 2004 , ''Enfant Loup'' - 2008, ''I wonder '', ''un chat mort me nourrit'' - 2009, ''Eternal season'' - 2010, ''Pour une nouvelle fleur'', ''for a far star, for a close star'' - 2012, ''A côté de moi'' - 2013, ...
1982-1993: Formation of moderne jazz dance in the dance school KANEMITSU IKUKO BUTO GAKUEN (Japon).
1996-2000: Workshops of butoh dancers such as Kazuo OHNO (Japon), Masaki IWANA (France). She´s teaching Butoh dance workshops and courses mostly in France.