Marie Dubot

Performer / Dancer

Marie Dubot is a dancer and resident of Vannes, France. She has practiced an abundance of forms, from contemporary and drama dance to contact and therapy dance. She has also taught work groups and organized shows in which teenagers and mentally-deficient adults team with a spectrum of artists representing various disciplines: dancers, painters, writers, comedians and musicians.

In 2005, she became close to a drama company - ‘Ni plus ni moins’.

Then, in 2006 she encountered Butoh for the first time in the form of Atsushi Takenouchi's Jinen Butoh ...and since 2008 she has worked with the butoh dancer Gyohey Zaitsu. Over these years she has developed a large range of activities in connection with Butoh: organizing workshops, stage performances and also work in nature. She always continues to question -- that ‘I don’t know’ that pushes her forward through layer upon layer; searching. The search constitutes many ways of being.