Masaki Iwana

Performer / Dancer

Considered one of the most acclaimed Butoh performers in Japan today — Masaki Iwana is a rarity in that he still maintains the original Butoh spirit, having begun his dance career outside the “butoh genealogy” in 1975. Until 1982 he presented 150 experimental performances in which he stood straight, completely naked and perfectly still.

Since then, in Europe as well as Japan, Iwana has presented his performances and workshops continuously – and has created works built on his sharpened aesthetic in more than 100 cities and 40 countries around the world.

Iwana represents the institute for the research of Butoh – La Maison du Butoh Blanc, based in southern Normandy in France.

In 2008 he produced and created the theatrical film Vermilion Souls, following this with A Summer Family in 2010, and Princess Betrayal in 2012.