Nourit Masson Sékiné

Photographer / Painter

Nourit Masson Sékiné is a multidisciplinary artist, painter and photographer. She has organised many exhibitions, installations and stage costume viewings, in galleries, museums and "off" settings in France and worldwide.

Specialist in Butoh dance, she has published with Jean Viala a history of avant-garde Japanese Butoh dance from the 60' to the 80': "Butoh : Shades of Darkness" which is an international reference. She has also written a book on the dialectics of life and death : "The Courage of Living for Dying" published in 2000 by ed. du Relié and as an Albin Michel paperback in 2002. She currently directs "The Academy of the Associated Arts of Shiatsu and Chi-Kong" (AASCA) in Strasbourg, teaching Master Class at Strasbourg University at the Arts of Stage Department "Butoh avant-garde: a continuity between tradition and modernity".

Was the "Guest Artist" and speaker at the Department of Fine Arts at the American Temple University in Tokyo.
"A work, like the artist, imbued with a thousand cultures, with different standpoints, enriched with life experiences, reflecting light and shade, with a touch of spirituality and humanity".

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