Philippe Alioth


Born in 1967 and living mostly in Switzerland and France, Philippe Alioth discovers his love for music very early; at the age of 5 years, piano lessons become urgent. A first kind-of-rock-band at 11 years is the gate to a world that he has not left since: analog synthesizers.
After a teenage-freakout 2-man project „Guyer’s Connection“ (become cult nowadays, latest re-release on Minimal Wave Records, New York, October 2014, and others on Medical Records/Seattle, Kernkrach/Berlin), a project with friends from highschool leads to „Touch el Arab“, a band that delivers a paneuropean top-ten hit in 1988, „Muhammar“ (Lux Noise, Switzerland, 1987). Pretty soon sick and tired of being something like a star, Philippe fleae from this group which desintegrates immediately after; he starts SPARTAK, a very underground, EBM-oriented audiovisual project, which includes amongst others Enrique Fontanilles, back then and still today one oft he most important representatives of video-art. Their 1990-album „Golem“ is – apparently – the first ever full length video-album („Golem“, Dark Star/Strange ways, Hamburg, 1990; 4 albums followed).
At the same time, he starts working for/with Tilo Wolff on a more dark/gothic project called „Lacrimosa“, whose first 5 albums are co-written by Philippe Alioth. Lacrimosa is nowadays the most acclaimed gothic-rock act worldwide (a common track of Lacrimosa and Philippe Alioth, to appear under TK KIM, is on its way).
Later in the nineties, besides SPARTAK, Philippe turns to various styles from Space-Disco („Blondes in Space“) to Chillout („Trance True Mental“, produced by ex-Yello-Member Carlos Peron). From 1999 to 2003, „Alioth & Friedrich“ produces two Trip-Hop/Chillout albums entitled „Distance and Difference“ and „Nature and Artifice“, renewing the cooperation with Enrique Fontanilles. His deep mental and technical understanding for – mainly vintage – analog synthesizers has built his reputation as a musician, but also as a producer of film- and video-soundtracks, even if he rarely agrees to produce pure commercial music (expo.02, Tag Heuer, UBS). He usually chooses his cooperations according to his taste and feeling (DJ Hell, various past and current projects). Actually Philippe Alioth ist he musical half of the audiovoisual project TKKIM, together with the eponymous videoartist. Other albums and tracks are in the oven, from experimental pop to electro-house, from space-disco to minimal techno.
Philippe works, experiments and composes, mixes, remixes and masters at the NEOPREN STUDIO in Basel/Switzerland, headquarter of his electronic-music label NEOPREN Records. As the master of about 200 analog synthesizers, he enjoys the freedom to create anything that can be called electronic music. The contact with the world of Butoh, particularly with Flavia Ghisalberti and Valentin Tzsin, inspired him to record a series of musical works in the last 3 years, simultaneously with TK KIMs film/ video-works („MOCT“, „Aphasie“, „Eidolon“).