Dancer / Sound & Visual Artist

Since 1991 he has studied with various Masters from Yoga to Shamanism. His research developed on sound healing through Tibetan bells and voice. He researched following various masters of different cultures, among them: Albert Rabenstein, Sainkho Namtchylak, Djalu Gurruwiwi, Mari Boine. His last work, “Natural sound”, has been published in Berlin in 2013.


was founded in 2008 by Kea Tonetti and Tivitavi R. Papini, a dancer and a sound/visual artist. Their performances mix Butoh dance with Sensitive Dance® and acoustic and electronic live sounds. Their spiritual and artistic research is reflected in their poetic, creating cathartic events of natural magic. The company has collaborated with different artists, among them: Yuko Ota, Monique Arnaud, Atsushi Takenouchi and Hiroko Komiya. They performed in festivals and theatres in Italy (Sconfinando Sarzana festival, PAF Performing Art Festival, Meina - Trace Becoming Art, Teatro la Scala della vita, Milano, Festival Grandezza Naturale, Lecco, Festival “La voce del corpo”, Osnago), Germany (Kulturraum Rosenhof Festival, Tegernau, festival ”Behind the movement” and Brotfabrik, Berlin), Budapest (JurányiArt Incubator Haouse), London (Brady Arts Centre), Mexico City (Un Teatro Centro Cultural),Russia (One Theatre, Krasnodar). Last performances: Yo soy Azul, Mothersea, Enthullt: The flower garden, Utsusemi, Wu, Shishigami.