Musician / Performer / Film Maker

Born in Grenoble/France, TK KIM already starts painting before she goes studying in Lyon and Heidelberg. Very early she is looking for what’s inside persons, what’s visible to other senses than our eyes. She turns to video and photo in the late nineties, reciting short stories in front of cameras, searching the nudity oft he soul behind masks, revealing intimacy (hers and others‘), turning thins stolen intimacy into extimacy…
In 2003 she starts working with Philippe Alioth, musician and producer, and their cooperation will reult pretty soon in a first album (project name pop-3), available as audio and video. Since 2003, performances that combine contemporary dance, video and analogue-electronic soundscapes alternate with movie projects (several award-winning short movies and also full length films, see filmography below) and vinyl records… between all that, TK Kim still finds time for photo/video-exhibitions and some club-concerts.
In 2010, at a film-festival in St-Petersburg/Russia, she meets Valentin Tszin by pure coincidence, and spontaneously she convinces him to turn a movie, constructed around the language of butoh combined with TK KIM’s visual world.
The result is entitled „MOCT“, a 80 minutes movie of unique strength, and marks the beginning of a regular irregular cooperation between TK KIM and Valentin Tszin. Several live performances and video projects are born from this symbiosis, which in a later stage also include works with Flavia Ghisalberti and other Butoh artists. The videofilm „Eidolon“ presented at the „Butoh Off Basel“ broaches the issue of idolatry, projection, a personality becoming an object of unspoken fear and desire. Another trilogy of short video essays, „Chair de Peau“, is all about several stages of conciousness and coma… asking questions about the parallelism of body and mind.